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Africa 2008

Uganda Mission Trips


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Uganda Mission Trip 2008

This mission trip will travel to Africa bring God's love to those we meet and serve. Below is a list of projects and counts of the donation purchased while in Uganda. THANK YOU for your supporting God's people in Uganda.

Mission Africa 2008


Total Africa Brick Making Tools 2008

One set

Total African Blankets 2008

50 Blankets & Sheets

Total African Chickens 2008

200 Layers – 200 Broilers

Total African Mosquito Nets 2008

200 Mosquito Nets

Total African Pig Pens

One pen - One chicken coup

Total African Pigs 2008

As many as possible

Total African School Supplies

As much as possible

Total Africa Mattress 2008

50 Mattresses

Total Africa Buildings

One structure


All of the donations, mattresses, mosquito nets, etc, fund by you! May God bless you for your donation.

Giving out Mattresses
Receiving the mattresses
Church Shelter - Preparing to hand out donations
Church structure and preparing donations
Giving out the mosquito nets
Digging post hole for a chicken coop
Teaching Vacation Bible School
Making bricks
Making the pig pen
Medical Exams
Triage symptoms
Medical Exams
Checking the eye glass prescriptions
HIV / AIDS Awareness
Checking the eye glass prescriptions
Giving out donations in town
Giving school kits to the teacher (Hope)
Giving out donations at MTC
Making new FRIENDS
Washing feet
Washing feet


More pictures to come!


Check out the video of an African dance, these villagers are HIV/AID positive, but they dance to celebrate life.

Click here => Uganda 2008

Here is a 3 minute video put together by Matt Bradley of the God's servants in Uganda =>Servants 2008

2008 Uganda Mission Overview


Randy Cornell captured a praise song performed by the church choir => Church choir


We will be going on a spiritual and humanitarian mission with our goal of bringing spiritual materials, medical supplies, clothing, toys, and books to village of Masindi, Uganda. Working through the Lutheran Church of Uganda we will provide Vacation Bible School, special Christian and AIDS prevention classes, etc.

We will bring as much as we can as part of our personal checked luggage. 2 bags each (50 pounds) Then we will bring one suitcases (carry-on) and a back pack with our personal effects.

Each participant will donate a minimum donation of $100 and I ask that you contact your friends and family to help. Once you have all that you can raise, send the check(s) to me, Tim Beadell made out to Missions Made Possible. Missions Made Possible will cut the check to Uganda Lutheran Church. We will present the check to the Church Leaders during an ad-hoc presentation while staying in Masindi.

The church leaders to identified projects that we can complete while we are there. Some of our time will be spent conducting Vacation Bible School (this is optional for mission members, but you are encouraged to participate) For mission members that don’t want to conduct VBS, you will be asked to plan an activity while your there (i.e. arts & craft; sports game, etc) for the children that are not participating in VBS. We will need to bring whatever is needed for the activity.

It is the hope of Missions Made Possible that YOU will be inspired to participate in or lead a mission trip and to become an advocate for the needy at home, in our nation, or around the world.

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments!



Next Meeting:

Sunday, Sept 7th-12:30 p.m.

Mount Olive Lutheran Church